Stefan Soskint is the outgoing, positive neighbour and friend we all want in our life. I first used his voice in the “one nuggy” video I did with Chris Rock in 2010. I often use his voice for a lot of the parody songs I do when I want a bit that over the top Welsh energy.  I used his voice for “I wanna go to Bangor” which has a fair few views. Willing to help anybody this gentleman has a bundle of energy. Like us all he has his flaws. He is tight and is always trying to flog you something! Don’t ask him to buy a round in or he will likely skip it. Steffan plays himself in the Soskint series, and his voice featured in many of the songs in the music section. Out of all the voices Steffan may be the one I use the most in the VoiceOver section

Alright butt im Steffan Soskint

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