LATEST NEWS -13/05/2022


Singing Yer in Wales - Singing in the Rain Parody 



Gower Girl - F the Woke - Frozen Parody 





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Follow me on where my vids never get taken down here:

TIK TOK: Starting to upload more mini clips to tik Tok. Platform works really well for parody songs. Please follow there. 

Re-uploading :There has been some people re-uploading my clips and cropping off my name. I am happy for people to re-upload anywhere but for those that are doing this, please don’t crop my name off. To repeat, I want you to re-upload as I’m shadow banned, so doing so helps me, but please give me credit. That way we can join forces to fight the evil lizards ana… TAAAAAAA.

Gaming: Ive uploaded another VR game to my YouTube channel (Drunken Bar fight). I was thinking of uploading the odd VR game to YouTube every 2 monthes or so. If you would like this please put it in the comments of the video.

Thank you for all the support all. Please share my stuff! LOVE EW BERRY MUCH LIKE…..DEANO

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Alright! Welcome to the site. Originally from South Wales, I am the idiot responsible for all the daft content which has been around since 2009. The videos I create are done in different Welsh character voices I have been inspired by growing up in the Valleys. I am grateful I grew up with people who had such great character and sense of humour which has lead to some great memories over the years. My aim is to share it with a wider audience through voiceovers, stories, parodies, and hopefully a cartoon in the future…Sign up to my newsletter in case I go missing.

A quick note on copyright, happy to take down or give credit to any original content upon request. I will say before you request a takedown request, please consider the additional exposure and traffic you may get as a result of my parody.