Cousin of Trecco Boy,  Gower is a brutally honest female 11 year old character. She differs to Trecco boy where she can be angered at times. She doesn’t take kindly to people being disrespectful, or someone who thinks very highly of themselves. She also cannot stand fake personalities and will often put them down in brutal fashion. Possibly the most crude of all characters her and Trecco boy are the dynamic Welsh troubled kid duo.  Catch her on her own talk show, (The Gower Girl Show) where she interviews celebs. Similar to Trecco she has parental issues where she prefers to live in the same house as her Aunt Blodywn. She is somewhat like an older sister to Trecco.

In the VoiceOver section I typically use her voice for the high pitched female characters that are more crude. I used the voice for the “pub hedgehog” which is one of the most highest viewed vids.

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