Longer Vid Voiceovers

Where it all started.. Mostly voiceovers for Hollywood clips. I started doing parody songs and cartoons in 2020 to mix things up a bit.

If any of the links are not working, please drop me a message on one of my socials and I’ll try and sort it.

2020 era

No Running Away2

Welsh Wizard of Oz

Cobra Kuntz

Bojo vists Mark

Steffan SoSkint Date

Tafftanic 3

Mary Poptyping 2

Charlie and backed up bampi

Welsh Wizard of Oz 2

Cobra Kuntz 2

Charlie and backed up bampi 2

Welsh Kevin

Next Friday Butt

Locking Down

Tea time for family taff

Ard as fuck (livestream)

Welsh Wizard of Oz 3

Cobra Kuntz 3

Charlie and backed up bampi 3

Night of the Spiceheads


Great Dane in the Kitchen

Hard ticket to the valley

Steffan SoSkint Pub

Welsh Wedding Singer


Taff Brothers

Sound of Blodwyn

Welsh Tom Cruise


Death of Deano 

Welsh Scarface

Universal roider

Welsh Munchkins

Taff Brothers 2

Taff Gun

National Taffpoons Restricted

Robobutt 2

Fragile Cock

Resurrection of Deano


Steffan SoSkint Younger years

Gash Gordon


Weekend at Berwyns

Gower Girl

Taff 2 the Future 2

Valley Gump 2

Taff Street Boys

Soffia the Robot

Plentyn Play 3

The Gwladfather



Shitty Shitty Mazda

Singin Yer in Wales

Breaking Butt

8 Valley Miles

Never Gonna Watch

Taff 2 the Future

Sion off his head

No Running Away

2015 era

Welsh Trip

Karate Kunt Song

Glory of Wales

Mary Poptyping

Roses are Red Meme

EPIC Yodel Girl

Rush Now

Plentyn Play

National Taffpoons 2

Lovley Girl

2010 era

Trecco Boy Series

Plentyn Play 2

Lovley Girl 2 (senior edition)

Sheep Shining

Karate Kunt 1

Christmas Taffy

Arthur in Ponty

Karate Kunt 2

National Taffpoons Trecco

Steffan SoSkint Nuggy

Karate Kunt 3

Valley Gump


Dull and Duller



Grassy Ars

Tafftanic 2

Rugby Runnings


The 6th Pint

Primary School Cop

Its Friday Butt